231 1/2"
Sockets for slitted screws
 231 1/4"
Socket for slotted head screws
 231-232 1/2"S9
Set of nine sockets for slotted, PHILLIPS and
 231-232 3/8"S7
Set of seven sockets for slotted screws and
 231 3/8"
Socketes for slotted screws
 232 1/2"PH
Sockets for PHILLIPS screws
 232 1/2"PZ
Sockets for POZIDRIV and SUPADRIV screws
 232 1/4"PH
Socket for PHILLIPS screws
 232 3/8"PH
Sockets for PHILLIPS screws
 233 1/2"MTX
Sockets for TORX screws

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